ANS & It’s Effects on Digestion & Respiration – 2015 THUMB DRIVE


Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance (ANS) & it’s Effects on Digestion & Respiration
Kiiko demonstrates how the fight or flight response is related to many chronic complaints, including chronic pain, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and more. The course will show how to confirm this connection with palpation diagnosis, and use appropriate treatment with acupuncture. Evaluation and resolution of pressure pain on the hara, the SCM muscle, the rhomboids, and the soft tissue above the trochanter is included in ANS diagnosis and treatment.


Kiiko Style (KMS) Weekend Courses of 10 or more hours on Thumb Drives are compatible with Mac or PCs. You must use the thumb drive to play the course. These thumb drives are copy protected. Protected content can not be copied/downloaded from the thumb drive. It prevents the content from being permanently installed on to your own computer.  This is how we have been licensed to sell this content.  This can make them initially load a little slower. They come with printable notes.  All courses feature 8 or more live cases, showing history, palpation, treatment and outcomes. Close ups and written explanations through-out. Thumb drives have the same content as the on-line version of the class. 

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