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In Person Seminar by:  Kiiko Matsumoto
SC Vets Memorial Hall, 846 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA, 95061

March 11,12 2023 9-5:30

Kiiko Matusmoto will present diagnosis and practical acupuncture treatments for many aspects of Vagus Nerve and accessory nerve syndromes. The vagus nerve oversees the parasympathetic nervous system, and is involved in the control of mood, immune response, digestion, heart rate, and a myriad of common complaints. Presentation will include treatments for back pain, and Zong Fu regulation through usage of  jue points. New KMS (Kiiko Matusmoto Style) material also includes successful treatment protocols for post Covid syndromes, Parkinsons, anxiety, and much more. A living legend, Kiiko always brings acupuncture alive with clinical demonstrations.

This course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider number 0019, Holly Guzman, Phone 831-479-1592 for 14 hours of continuing education in Category 1.

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