On-Line CEU Courses for Acupuncturists

Continuing Education Accredited Courses

  • 4 CEUs - The first hour is a lecture about the facets of Blood in Chinese medicine, the next 3 hours are a class about the luo vessels.

  • 1 CEU - An in depth look at one pulse position, which enlightens many perspectives on all the pulses.
  • 1 CEU - A one hour class that includes tips and instructions for doing Japanese o'kyu moxa, tiger warmer, moxa pots, naval moxa.
  • 3 CEUs - The Japanese art of ShoniShin. This class is free to watch, you only pay if you take the quiz for CEUs. 
  • 3 CEUs - An overview of treating pregnant women in each of the trimesters that contributes to that all-important prenatal qi.

  • 11 CEUs - This is a full weekend course of Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture. The lecture and presentation are based around the 9 Stars, which is the human, middle system in relation to the upper heavenly 10 Stems -5 Elements; and the lower earthly 12 branches-12 year cycles, 12 channels of acupuncture.  These concepts are basic to Chinese thought and acupuncture. In this course, Kiiko treats 10 patients, focusing on the Hara and digestive syndromes. Crohn's, Celiac, Colitis, Reflux, Stomach pain, GYN and GB disorders are included in the cases. In addition, each case includes the individual's case history, thus have additional physical and emotional pain.  KMS shows clear acupuncture protocols that reliably change the pain a patient presents with both in their chief complaint and in their abdominal (hara) pattern. The ability to use hara diagnosis as both an insight to the meridians that will be effective, and also as feedback to the successful resolution of pain is a hallmark expectation of  KMS acupuncture.

  • 11 CEUs - The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC), a walnut-sized area of the brain has been shown to change in patients with chronic pain. DLPFC also shows changes in association with emotional and psychological reactions-specifically anxiety, fear and depression. The area of the scalp directly over the DLPFC contains a number of acupuncture points. This course explores the clinical significance of these acupuncture points in cases of chronic pain, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, and several digestive disorders including IBS.

  • 12 CEUs - Kiiko demonstrates how the fight or flight response is related to many chronic complaints, including chronic pain, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and more. The course will show how to confirm this connection with palpation diagnosis, and use appropriate treatment with acupuncture. Evaluation and resolution of pressure pain on the hara, the SCM muscle, the rhomboids, and the soft tissue above the trochanter is included in ANS diagnosis and treatment.

  • 12 CEUs - Kiiko Matsumoto presents highlights on Du 16 from the Su Wen and Ling Shu, integrated into KMS (Kiiko Matsumoto Style) acupuncture. KMS acupuncture addresses each patient's constitution/root and addresses their chief complaint.

  • 10.5 CEUs - Women's health and fertility and its significant abdominal palpation diagnostic findings.  Approved by ABORM.

  • 11.5 CEUs. The first part of this course is about the Feet, the second part is about the Neck. The section on the feet explores the concept of "jue".  Jue points that reflect the meridian zones are located on the feet. Jue points are particularly successful in treating problems in the head, and problems below the knee. The second section of the course focuses on treating neck pain. Specific diagnostic and treatment protocols are outlined for each of the seven cervical vertebrae.

  • 10.5 CEUs - Kiiko uses the medical history of a person's eyes as a part of her intake to indicate links to channel disruptions.

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